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Get Corporate Communication Superpowers

Memos don’t have feelings—reinvent the way you listen to employee feedback and change your organization’s culture for good.

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Measure the quality of team meetings and learnings.

Understand how your meetings and training sessions are impacting your employees with real-time engagement feedback and robust user analytics.

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Put an end to guesswork.

Get real data and real insights about what your employees think and how they respond to training and townhalls.

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When employees don’t feel heard, they leave.

Open the channels of communication.

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Turn trainings & town halls into an online hangout.

Post anything you want—videos, documents, web links, forum questions. Then, you and your employees can interact using video, images, text, emojis, audio clips or text.

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Curate content for specific departments.

Tailor key learnings for specific departments and ensure they receive the content that will help them learn and grow.

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Grow in the right direction.


Prevent Turnover

Percentage of employees that would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career.


Build Your Community

onQ users are 254% more likely to experience a strong sense of connection & community with other users


Invest in Your Team

Percentage of employees that would take a course suggested by their manager.

Don’t lose your top employees.

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