Laptop Mockup of the onQ Video Chat Feature

Turn your fringe followers into forever fans.

Increase engagement with your brand through our interactive, culture-creating application. Embed it directly on your site, post content, and watch your audience grow.

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Transform your videos into an online hangout.

Build conversation momentum with real-time responses to questions, comments, and reactions and turn every video into a live chat.

Mockup of the onQ's online hangout feature
Mockup of onQ's analytic scores for sessions.

Reports you'll
actually use.

Move beyond likes, reactions, and comments and tailor your content based on feedback, giving your audience the power to choose what is most valuable for them.

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When fans don’t feel engaged, they leave.

Open the channels of communication.

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Go beyond videos

Upload anything you want—videos, web links, a forum question, or a document. You and your followers can react and interact using video, emoji, audio or text all in chat-style plugins.

Mockup of onQ's discussion feature

Never switch platforms again.

Don’t miss a beat by seamlessly integrating onQ into your existing systems.

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Grow in the right direction.


People Want to Engage

Most TV viewers use another device while watching.


Build Your Community

onQ users are 254% more likely to experience a strong sense of connection & community with other users


Answer Real-time Questions

U.S. viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things.

Grow your fanbase. Start a movement.

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