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Humanizing the Workforce

By Creating Authentic Connections

Are participants watching your video
Are participants engaged
Do participants really understand

Now you will with a platform that engages, educates, develops, and evaluates while capturing employees’ in-the-moment feedback, interactions, and sentiment.

See how Stephen Krempl, former CLO - Starbucks and Yum! Brands, delivers StandingOutW3 PowerSkills career development courses on the onQ platform.

Stephen at CLOx Dallas

“I have a passion for enabling an always-on learning environment that develops the right hard and soft skills, driving continuous behavior change.

After scouring the market for a platform that best replicates ILT user and facilitator experiences, we chose onQ as our on-demand online delivery and engagement platform. There are several platforms that offer practicing, which onQ does too; however, only onQ enables users to contribute their in-the-moment questions, feedback and sentiment during the learning and development experience.”

–  Stephen Krempl, Founder & CEO, StandingOut\W3



ENGAGE in the conversation by showing what you think & feel with emojis, questions, comments.

REFLECT through pre-seeded discussion points for deeper learning, practice & peer feedback.

SHARE the experience with friends & colleagues – on any device, on-demand anytime.