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when and where learning happens.

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Introducing Aspire

Aspire combines Imagine Education’s renowned Point-of-Learning™ system with onQ’s patented video conversation engine technology, to enable deeper engagement, and a more meaningful experience with improved outcomes for individuals and entire communities.

This ultimately provides the best of face-to-face and digital learning in a single solution, at a fraction of the cost.

Engage Learners

Aspire provides an intuitive user experience that empowers open learner conversations with content and with each other.

Change Behaviors

Aspire captures evidence of actions and learning, at the “point of learning.” It credits learners instantly for demonstrating learning, and it awards credits where learning happens, whenever it happens.

Improve Outcomes

Aspire delivers actionable, real-time analytics based on engagement, influence, sentiment, and behavioral performance.

Scale Learner Base

Aspire is cloud-based, with all data evidenced and stored online as a living portfolio of an individual’s personal development and achievements. Reach more learners, faster.

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About onQ

onQ is revolutionizing digital communications and learning, transforming static video and other presentation media into immersive, interactive group experiences and engaged conversations around content that matters. The onQ platform has set a new standard for “listening organizations” by delivering actionable behavioral insights that facilitate dramatic improvements to content, communications, learning, and measurable outcomes. onQ is privately funded and based in Atlanta, Georgia, with an international office in Zurich, Switzerland.

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About Imagine Education

Imagine Education envisions education being accessible to everyone, connected to the real world and with learners at the centre. The company specialises in helping others to maximise the impact of new technologies in schools. Through a combination of innovative applications and hands-on education consulting, Imagine Education leverages its vast experienced international body of consultants, associates, and technology experts to support and meet its clients’ needs around the globe.

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